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Stress Affect Resolution
a curative procedure for post traumatic stress disorder


You lost yourself in the trauma....

We can bring you back!      


'...it...worked... there is nothing wrong with anything in my life!'
--Navy Veteran

'Amazing! I have been somebody else for almost as long as I can remember! I got lost in strife as a little kid and just went downhill from there. I've been making choices that were totally wrong for the real me. That lead to chronic unhappiness, abusive relationships, self-loathing and dangerous jobs. But I'm back now. And in only two consultations! Who would believe it?'

'This totally nailed me! Just doing the setups and I already know myself like never before!'
--HR Executive

Are you resolved?

It's what we all want!  To be ourselves, to be comfortable with and enjoyed by others, to feel secure and be seen as safe and reliable, to know that who we're being and what we're doing are of our own conscious choosing.

Stress Affect Resolution
The end of the mystery.  No more trying to understand things out of context. No more describing our situations in terms of disorders and syndromes, as biochemical imbalances and drug-dependent damaged goods.

Recover yourself!  Along with your true self comes the recovery of forgotten dreams and abandoned goals. Life can be fun and rewarding again!

Stress Affect Resolution
Absolutely confidential.  No risk of exposure. Delivered within the sanctity of a certified confessional without indoctrination, evaluation, opinion, or judgment - it's totally about you!

Terminate inner negativity!  Life offers challenge enough - it's time to stop complicating it even more.

Stress Affect Resolution
Career Opportunities Exist.  With hundreds of thousands of veterans returning over the next few years, many if not most afflicted with PTSD, the Veterans Administration is entertaining all possibilites of an effective curative.

But of course:  the VA already spends more than 50 Billion Dollars every year on treatment, prescription maintenance and disability payments for PTSD (more than it spends on total actual medical expenses) -- all without a cure. That's a lifetime of debilitation and dependency for those already caught up in the problem, and it's only a fraction of what's coming. You can just imagine the budgetary liability. The VA needs a solution!

And then...  there are also countless civilian cases: anyone who has suffered life-impacting trauma.

If you are interested in becoming a Stress Affect Resolution / PTSDebriefer, inquire here.

We are writing the book on
Post Traumatic Stress
and its resolution:
PTSD Explained

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What is PTSD?
PTSD means Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We have discovered...  more

Can PTSD be cured?
Cures are for physical diseases. PTSD is not a disease, it is a spiritual affliction. PTSD is not something that happened, or is happening, to you, it is you still living your reaction to what happened. We help you terminate that.  more

What is a Stress Affect?
An affect is a taken-on or adopted behavior or personality trait. A Stress Affect is an automatic behavior or personality trait that is adopted during an emotionally or physically intense event and which then remains in place, driven by residual force from the event.  more

What is
Stress Affect Resolution?

"SAR" is a precisely-designed question-guided introspection that systematically dissolves PTSD by dismantling the underpinnings of the stress affects involved in an individual's case.  more

How was this discovered?
It began with an accident. In 1968 the eventual developer of SAR had a very surprising detailed conversation with a soldier who had been injured in Vietnam, leaving him with Traumatic Brain Injury / Amnesia. When the soldier's memory unexpecteldy returned during the conversation...  more

How long does it take?
A matter of hours!  more

Can you give examples?
Yes:  Read on!  More?

What do I do?
Make the decision and reach out!

How can I help?
We are Donor Funded: Donate -Thanks!

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