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Stress Affect Resolution
a curative procedure for post traumatic stress disorder


You lost yourself in the trauma....

We can bring you back!      


How Was This Discovered?

It began with an accident. In 1968 Allen Hacker, the eventual developer of Stress Affect Resolution, had a very detailed conversation with a soldier who had been injured in Vietnam. The injury had left him with Traumatic Brain Injury / Amnesia. When the soldier's memory unexpecteldy returned during the conversation, no one was more amazed than Mr. Hacker.

Allen, now himself a veteran, spent the following thirty years studying everything that might relate to what had happened. He tested every theory and procedure he could find, from talk therapy to witness interrogation to mission debriefing. Ultimately, he was able to create a counseling process called Semantic Adjustment, a guided whole-life personal clarification procedure. It worked well enough to help businesspeople solidify their corporate visions and goals, and to understand how they had been their own worst saboteurs. After testing and refining his procedure over the course of many years of consulting, and without fully realizing what he had, Allen retired from business consulting when the economy crashed and businesses stopped buying help.

Then, in mid-2013, the Wall Street Jounal ran a series of articles on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The series depicted the financial and social costs as enormous, and investigation has verified this to be true beyond belief. It's a huge problem, over fifty billion dollars a year and growing for the government alone. And, according to the military expert who wrote one of the articles, a problem without a solution. Upon reading that article, a close friend called Allen and suggested that his counseling procedure might be just what was needed. That conversation spurred him to return to his previous work.

After consulting with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, he set about adjusting the presentation of the procedure to accommodate the VA's immediate requirements. The first of those is that the interaction with the client (patient) absolutely must be non-proselytizing: there can be no need for the client to hear about any particular religious ideas. That work has been done, since the procedure was always client-neutral.

The VA's second requirement is that any proposal offering a service must be evidence-based. No untested theories considered.

Allen's business consulting history spanned twenty years and is preserved in client files, including at least one hundred clients who benefitted from Semantic Adjustment. In all that time, not one client failed to achieve significant improvement; most soon forgot that there had ever been a problem. That record is providing a wealth of case narratives.

Semantic Adjustment has now been streamlined to focus on the behavioral consequences of trauma, and more formal cases studies are being developed to provide the specific evidence base for the resulting spiritual debriefing procedure, Stress Affect Resolution.

What is PTSD?
PTSD means Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We have discovered...  more

Can PTSD be cured?
Cures are for physical diseases. PTSD is not a disease, it is a spiritual affliction. PTSD is not something that happened, or is happening, to you, it is you still living your reaction to what happened. We help you terminate that.  more

What is a Stress Affect?
An affect is a taken-on or adopted behavior or personality trait. A Stress Affect is an automatic behavior or personality trait that is adopted during an emotionally or physically intense event and which then remains in place, driven by residual force from the event.  more

What is
Stress Affect Resolution?

"SAR" is a precisely-designed question-guided introspection that systematically dissolves PTSD by dismantling the underpinnings of the stress affects involved in an individual's case.  more

How was this discovered?
It began with an accident. In 1968 the eventual developer of SAR had a very surprising detailed conversation with a soldier who had been injured in Vietnam, leaving him with Traumatic Brain Injury / Amnesia. When the soldier's memory unexpecteldy returned during the conversation...  more

How long does it take?
A matter of hours!  more

Can you give examples?
Yes:  Read on!  More?

What do I do?
Make the decision and reach out!

How can I help?
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